Through extensive and specialized monitoring of construction works, CUBE assists the developer in meeting its goals. Quality control of construction works is complemented with an efficient management of deadlines and allotted budgets for each project.

Client Representation

CUBE represents clients before concerned entities during the construction stage. In order to do so, CUBE assembles the documentation package and handles the Use Permit, as well as any subsequent deferrals and changes to the approved process.


CUBE will assist the developer in contracting all service providers necessary to the implementation stage: safety coordination on site, general contractor and other contracts the client may want to award directly, such as FF&E.

Construction works supervision

CUBE takes responsibility for the management of information between all parties involved in the venture. All communication will be rigorously compiled in an archive and issued in monthly reports. Finishing work includes audits for provisional acceptance before entering the post construction warranty period.

Construction works supervision
  • Deadline control – Planning
  • Cost control – Budget
  • Quality control – Compliance with all projects
Construction Site Safety Coordination (CSO)

Safety coordination encompasses works preparation, commencement of construction works and all required prior notices, as well as assistance in developing a Health and Safety Plan. In addition to monitoring construction works, CUBE also coordinates dedicated weekly meetings on Hygiene and Safety at Work and produces monthly reports on Safety Coordination on-Site.