A clearly identified management team, focused and capable of centralising interactions with suppliers, service providers and public agencies is crucial to the success of any enterprise. The sooner this team is integrated into the project, the greater the managerial efficiency. From concept definition to the start of building works, CUBE is prepared to make a difference in any stage of your venture.


CUBE provides support defining or reviewing Design Requirements, which include the overall planning of construction works and a preliminary estimate of development costs. Concurrently, CUBE performs thorough Development Monitoring activities in order to ensure compliance with the requirements set by the developer and foster smooth coordination between all engineering and architectural specialties, as well as adherence to timetables.

Client Representation

During the project approval process, CUBE represents clients before concerned entities: city councils, suppliers, organisations and public institutions.


Assistance in acquiring or contracting all service providers needed for construction works: drafters, topographers, environmental and geotechnical consultants, marketing and communication experts, as well as financial, tax and legal consultancy services.

Cost Control and Metrics

CUBE carries out a comprehensive assessment of every project according to the quality, goals and costs defined by the developer. The best possible use of resources is ensured through close contact with suppliers and subcontractors, thus clarifying any viability or technical issues that may arise during the project stage. Monitoring also contemplates tracking several metrics related to architecture and structure projects as well as issuing a detailed budget estimate before the completion of the licensing project.


Some changes might have to be implemented in order to meet the goals set by the developer or to respond to stipulations stemming from the licensing process. Should such need arise, CUBE assists in reviewing Design Requirements, as well as adjusting the overall plan of construction works and cost estimates accordingly.

By Monitoring the Development of Project Implementation, CUBE ensures the conformity of the requirements defined by the developer and their adequacy as far as the construction site is concerned. To this end, it is critical to secure the coordination and compatibility of all architecture and engineering projects and to oversee the development of each project along each stage of the project.

Client Representation

CUBE represents clients before concerned entities throughout the building permit process. CUBE will prepare the necessary documentation package and take charge of the Construction Licence and any subsequent deferrals and changes to the approved plan.


CUBE will assist the developer in contracting and setting up all service providers necessary for the implementation stage: safety coordination on site, general contractor and other contracts the client may want to award directly, such as FF&E.

Cost Control and Metrics

CUBE carries out a comprehensive assessment of every project, optimising each of them according to rigorous guidelines. These guidelines will be laid out jointly with the developer and help define what is expected in the matter of quality, goals and costs. Close contact with suppliers and subcontractors enables CUBE to deal with any viability or technical issues that may arise before the conclusion of the Implementation Plan that subsequently will be attached to the construction works contract.

Cost control will be supplemented with several metrics pertaining to architecture and structural projects. Synthesized in a comprehensive budget estimate, these metrics will be issued prior to the completion of the implementation plan and included in the tender file.